Need Coaching

Goal Joseph is passionate about working with school going youths to help them identify and reach their goals, helping them overcome difficulty and adversity and walking with them to greater levels of satisfaction, performance and effectiveness.

Our Forms of Coaching

  • In-person support session (Face-to-face Coaching)

If you live in the local area and you like to know your coach in person, then face-to-face coaching would be the best choice for you.

  •  Telephone coaching

If you live at distance and if auditory language is the way you think, you will benefit from telephone coaching.

  • Email Coaching

If you like to have some time to think what you want to say, and the time to digest what the coach has said to you, you will love e-mail coaching. E-mail coaching is very low pressure and relaxed.

  • Group coaching

We also have group workshops and seminars to assist students build confidence.

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